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Solid Strategies

Todas las estrategias implementadas se basan en un análisis estadístico sólido que se revisa regularmente para asegurar su eficacia en un entorno tan variable como el de los mercados financieros.

Human talent

Our rigorous selection system has allowed us to recruit only the most qualified traders, equipped with innate trading skills, with proven track records through audited accounts with public visibility.

Data Transparency

Each of our operations is meticulously recorded and publicly displayed to ensure complete transparency and visibility. This approach allows us to maintain trust with our clients and the community at large.


American indices

In Top1Traders, we manage both short and long trades on the US30 CFD index, employing a specialized opening session strategy at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This strategy enables us to capitalize on market fluctuations, thereby maximizing profit opportunities for our clients.

Gold and metals

At Top1Traders, we manage both short and long-term trades in the gold market, capitalizing on the opportunities offered by this asset across various time frames.



At Top1Traders, we manage both short and long-term trades in the EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs, employing specific strategies tailored to market fluctuations and trends. Our diversified approach enables us to effectively capitalize on opportunities in these pairs, maximizing results for our clients. enfoque diversificado nos permite aprovechar las oportunidades en estos pares de manera efectiva, maximizando los resultados para nuestros clientes.


The psychological stability of our operators is essential to obtain positive long-term results. For this reason, we carry out daily monitoring of our collaborators to guarantee their well-being and their ability to face market challenges with clarity and confidence.

Psic. Yarimar Barrios

At Top1Traders, we continuously strive to enhance our mathematical prediction and probability models to ensure the stability of our systems. This ongoing process enables us to mitigate associated risks and maximize benefits for our clients and partners.

Dpto Control: David Fernández

With more than 7 years of experience in capital management, we have consolidated a solid foundation in understanding the nature of the markets, which projects us with confidence into the future.

Dpto Trading: Ronny Flores

Let's work together for responsible and profitable operations in the long term.

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